Flat Roofing in Portsmouth From the Trusted Roofing Contractors

Deciding on the Best Flat Roofing Solution for Your Needs

If you own a flat-roofed property in the Portsmouth area and are seeking a replacement solution, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the choices on the market. Although the internet offers a wealth of information regarding the types of flat roofing available, it takes professional roofing contractors to impart expert advice and conduct the necessary installation work. With over 30 years of experience and a reputation for efficiency, our local roofing company performs roof repairs for a wide range of domestic and commercial clients. As reliable roofers, we can advise on felt roofing, EPDM and GRP fibreglass, and provide a fast and respectful service that exceeds expectations.

We find practical solutions for every problem, delivering replacement roofs using the most innovative membranes in the industry. To discuss your needs with professional roofing contractors in the Portsmouth area, please call 02392 983 224 or 07526 856 097.

Felt Roofing

Roofers often apply felt to sheds, home extensions and commercial buildings. With a variety of weights available and a pleasing aesthetic, felt roofing is a popular choice with homeowners in the Portsmouth area. One of the benefits of felt is its affordability, creating a watertight seal for properties without a long wait or high price tag. Felt roof repairs are also a relatively simple process.

If you need a local roofing company to install flat roofing at a cost-effective rate in the Portsmouth area, then look no further. Our roofing contractors will be happy to discuss the advantages of felt roofing at length and, due to our reputation as trustworthy roofers, can advise on the best ways to keep your roof maintained in the longer term.

EPDM Rubber

Also known as rubber membrane roofing, EPDM is firm and affordable flat roofing option. This inexpensive material is rolled out in sheets, providing a seamless surface for protection against the rain. As such, it’s often a preferred choice among roofers across the Portsmouth area. A professionally installed rubber roof with typically hold out for 20 years and is easily fixed in the event of a puncture. EPDM is easily cut to the shape of your property, making it an excellent surrounding material for skylights.

Our local roofing company offers a comprehensive service, delivering ventilation systems, skylights and Velux windows for a brighter and more breathable atmosphere. Working as expert roofing contractors, we perform roof repairs for EPDM, fibreglass and felt roofing, ensuring your safety after a storm.

GRP Fibreglass

Often considered the most effective style of flat roofing available, GRP fibreglass delivers solid protection and a seamless finish with few joints. The application requires no complex machinery and features a fast curing time for almost immediate protection. Consisting of roofing resin, matting and a coloured topcoat, GRP (glass reinforced plastic) serves as a low maintenance solution for our Portsmouth customers.

If you have any questions about this surface material, don’t hesitate to speak with our local roofing company. We take pride in our role as professional roofers and work hard to continue to build our reputation in the Portsmouth area.

For a team of roofing contractors, skilled in the art of roof repairs and replacement materials, contact Langdon Roofing Ltd (South).

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