Roofers in East Meon

Common Problems, Solved by the Experts in Roof Repairs

Your home is precious to you, and few understand this like the roofing contractors at Langdon Roofing Ltd (South). From replacement tiles to new installations, our local roofing company provides ideal solutions to the East Meon area. Unfortunately, we also know that damage can occur at any time to pitched and flat roofing alike, making professional care from the local roofers a necessity. As such, we perform emergency roof repairs 24/7 so you can relax, protected from the effects of water damage after a storm.

Specialising in felt roofing, EPDM rubber, GRP fibreglass and listed building maintenance, our local roofing company accepts both small and large-scale projects. Read on for common issues that require roof repairs, or contact our expert roofers for fast solutions in East Meon from the trusted roofing contractors.

Pooling Water

A common problem with poorly installed flat roofing, pooling water may also indicate a fault with your gutters or drainage. If your property in East Meon suffers from pooling water on a regular basis, then it may be due to an overly flat pitch. In such cases, a long-term delay could seriously compromise the strength of your roof, meaning more work for your local roofing company.

Our roofing contractors provide new flat roofing and the necessary gutter and roof repairs to ensure water flows efficiently away. As experienced roofers, we also install felt roofing for a waterproof surface.

A Damaged Roofline

Broken bargeboards, fascias or soffits may allow pests and wildlife to enter your East Meon home. For this reason, it’s important to call your local roofing company when you notice a hole or hear squirrels in your attic. In the winter, the roofline can become damaged from ice dams, with frozen gutters that lead to additional problems of their own.

Customers can call our friendly roofers for emergency roof repairs to prevent infestations, internal mould and water damage. From felt roofing to pitched slates in East Meon, our roofing contractors deliver unrivalled care.

Punctures and Impacts

Strong as they might be, EPDM rubber, GRP fibreglass and felt roofing might have a tough time withstanding a fallen branch. Pitched and flat roofing alike can suffer from major impacts, resulting in the urgent need for roof repairs. Hail and high winds may also affect your East Meon property, weathering your fascias and removing your tiles. Thankfully, professional roofers can provide an effective solution for these issues.

Our local roofing company works to resolve problems relating to pitched or flat roofing, and supply the finest materials for strong, reliable coverage.

Other issues our roofing contractors can resolve in the East Meon area include:

  • Faulty or collapsed slates and tiles
  • Moisture damage and poor ventilation
  • Low-quality work from other contractors
  • Damage to pointing and lead flashing
  • Issues with your gutters and drainage
  • Membrane shrinkage, cracks and impacts

For roof repairs, flat roofing, new felt roofing and more in the East Meon area, call our friendly office on 02392 983 224 or 07526 856 097.


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